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APPLICATION. FOR. EMPLOYMENT. We at Once Upon A Child are committed to a policy of equal treatment and opportunity in every aspect of our employment ...
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come Oh give me good morning everyone welcome back to the vlog I should have started this after I've like you know wash my face and stuff hold on let me wash my face brush my teeth prepare myself for the day I'm coming on here talking to y'all with stinky breath and excuse me y'all don't deserve that mm-hmm mmm let me let me let me get myself together since I haven't already washed my face I wanted to show you while this spin brush I received because usually I forget I've been trying to do it for the last couple days and I've been forgetting to show you to you all but I received this pin brush from I believe it's pronounced Duval here's their name right here in the bottom but it's the spin brush radiant spin care system and it's got one two three four different spin brush head attachments as well as the main system and it looks like it has like a kind of like a pumice rock or bottom of your feet your calluses a large kind of body brush and then these two I'm pretty sure there's a soft and like a more coarser brush depending on your skin sensitivity or what you're trying to attack and so I'm going to use this today when I wash my face because I haven't used a spin brush in a while I feel like I need to exfoliate so we're gonna do that and let's see all right I am back with a clean face and fresh breath but I think today I'm going to go through a - joys in closet clean out his clothes because about a week and a half ago he turned five months Oh claps for my yeah he's getting big but he's just not able to fit 0 to 3 month clothing at the ripe age of 5 months old but anyway so since party this he's only been able to wear either premature or new porn clothing and he can't wear those anymore I'm going to clean it out I'm going to take it - not Plato's Closet but what's the kids version once upon a time no that's a show once upon a child I'm gonna take it to there and then basically do the whole process that I do with my clothes I started doing videos about Plato's closets when I clean out my own closet and y'all were like shook because I was getting back you know pretty good money for my clothing and apparently y'all places wherever y'all live y'all's Plato's closets and plenty of exchanges be playing y'all so I'm gonna do the same thing I do for me I'm gonna show you everything I'm taking in for him cuz I've got maybe two boxes worth of clothes and a couple miscellaneous items I'm gonna show it to y'all bring it in tell you all what they give me and then if they don't accept some stuff I'm going to show you what they don't accept and tell you why if they give me reasons why but anyway I'm gonna do that because I know sometimes y'all really be saying y'all take bags in and they'd only take like one or two items and I am confusion because that...